Chicken? Or the Egg??

So, which did come first?  In the case of TootsUncommon products, names, and descriptions...if the products are the chickens and the names and descriptions are the eggs...then usually the chicken comes first.  As is the case for our new to be announced product lines.  

If Tootsie Roll and I follow the research we did, our first product description holds appeal for the product's target audience and implies the product's benefits.  I also feel like we are writing for our users...most humans who dress their dogs in any kind of clothes have a pretty whimsical sense of humor...

So, here goes...one of our upcoming products and its description.  Let us know what you think!  Another one is on its way for tomorrow!

Capucha Uncommon

-What a big hood you have! 

     The better to protect you from the rain and cold.
-What a large belt you have! 

     The better to keep you snug, dry, and warm.
-What a soft lining you have! 

     The better to keep you comfy on rainy or cold walks.
-What a colorful exterior you have!

     The better to create a cuter continent one canine at a time.

fyi...our plan will be to use the colder descriptive words for the fleece version and the rainy words for the raincoat version....

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