Where's Tootsie Roll on Winthrop Avenue?

So, did you spy Green W. Envy Pickle?  I know, that was a toughie!  

Green W. Beauty Dragonfly sans la pickle!

Poor Green W. Envy Pickle...It's a cruel world!

And to wrap up the TootsUncommon tribute to "Where's Waldo" we leave you with Lucille.  If you follow the TootsUncommon Blog, you know that the real Lucille is a yellow lab who also lives on Winthrop Avenue with Tootsie Roll and on occasion gets to share the fashion life with Tootsie.  What you may not know about Lucille is that anytime a human or huwoman says, "Kitty!" Lucille really perks her ears ups and is on the search.  She loves kitties and was hopeful that she could disguise herself as one to live a kitty's life.

Where's Lucille?  All I see is a Longaberger Basket and a bunch of kitties!

And the Cheese stands alone!  Maybe you will be a kitty in another life, Lucille!!


  1. Yeah, Lucille, Where's the Kitty? Get the Kitty! Where's the Kitty?