Where's Tootsie Roll on Winthrop Avenue?

So, we are guessin' you probably had a tough time findin' Tootsie Roll but once you took a second look you were like, "Duh, that was too obvious!  What Fashionable Pug would not disguise herself as a burro with the Spanish Santa?"  Yep!  We got some smart bloggers out there.  Here is the proof!

Tootsie Roll Tryin' to Steal the Burro's Place

Will the Real Burro Please Sit Down!

Boy, that Tootsie Roll picked a good location to blend into...But your next find is one of her crew - HBP Cat!  No, not scat cat....Where's the Cat?  If you look real hard you just might find HBP Cat in today's edition of, "Where's Tootsie Roll on Winthrop Avenue?"

"Espresso with a shot of red wine anyone?"

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