Where's Tootsie Roll on Winthrop Avenue?

Meet the Where's Tootsie Roll crew:  

"HBP" Cat, Lucille, Tootsie Roll and Pickle Green W. Envy

You are probably wondering a few things..."Why a pickle and where is the enemy?"  The answers..."Well, why not a pickle; and it is Green W. Envy because it simply lacks the fashionista style the rest of the crew has...and to be quite frank...Tootsie Roll simply has no enemies...just lots of fans and buddies!  

The location of this "Where's Tootsie Roll" series is Winthrop Avenue.  A quaint street in SoBro, Indianapolis...SoBro AKA South of Broad Ripple AKA the hood!!

And here is your first challenge.  A picture taken right in the dining room of the Winthrop Avenue home of Tootsie Roll.  Look hard in this Christmas Santa Scene and you too will discover, "Where's Tootsie Roll on Winthrop Avenue?"  

Where's Tootsie Roll?
Check back tomorrow for the amazing discovery of Tootsie Roll in the Christmas Santa scene - just in case you have not found her yet... and another "Where's Tootsie Roll on Winthrop Avenue?" mystery to solve!

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