Sites and Lites in Tootsie's Neighborhood!

Wow!  Is it a windy one!  And we just lost electricity!  Tootsie and I are going to post our Sites and Lites pic before the computer runs out of battery!  Lites well done on a tree or on a house we love!  Give us your creativity!  And progress, of course!  But not when it comes to decorating!!  The large air filled holiday figurines just don't do it for us!  We love this iconic snowman on the TV screen, but now waving in the wind in a front yard...or even worse, deflated and laying on the ground!  Tootsie and I would advise against going out and getting one of these decorations - especially if it is just for the sake of decorating with ease!  

Way better on the TV Screen!  Stick with the traditional decs, please!!

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