Sites and Lites in Tootsie's Neighborhood!

Oh!  Did Tootsie Roll and I have fun walkin' in the neighborhood tonight!  Although we were a bit afraid the cops might stop us for casing a joint!  Thank goodness no cops caught us red-handed takin' pics of the sites and lites in Tootsie's Neighborhood because you are all sure to enjoy!  We had promised you the longest strand of lites in the hood for today's blog...but Tootsie Roll wants to save that one for last so we dedicate tonight's sites and lites to some really cool trees in the hood!  Enjoy and check back tomorrow to see what Tootsie Roll has in store!

We fondly refer to this one as the "Magical Gumdrop Tree!"

And you can never go wrong with a nicely decorated evergreen!

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