Let Sleepin' Cats Lie...Right?

According to Hell Betty and Pawncha Kitty...YES.  Cats sleep 2/3 of their lives and of that 2/3 time 75% is spent in light sleep and 25% in deep sleep.  Cats also sleep in crazy places!  When Tootsie Roll is looking for Betty to play she has me look in the basement basket where I store my niece's toys...and there she usually is.  The TootsUncommon basement is no luxury accommodation and the toy basket is not very cushy; but it is tucked away, dark, and quiet!  

Basement Betty!
Excuse me!  I am trying to sleep here!

Basement Betty also becomes Bathroom Betty, especially when I am hustling to get ready in the AM....  Check back tomorrow for some of Pawncha Kitty's sleepin' habits.  And of course, we would love to hear or see some of your cat's crazy sleepin' habits!!  Post on Bonita!!

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