It's Goin' To The Dogs!

or..."It's a dog eat dog world!"  Why don't we say "It's Goin' to the Cats, or It's a cat eat cat world"?  Well, that is what Hell Betty and Pawncha Kitty of the TootsUncommon household would like to know anyway. Well, to get us going on our "Salute to Cats" week  Tootsie Roll wanted you to know the meaning behind the original "It's goin' to the dogs" phrase so check out this link: 

and if you are a fan of Pinterest you are sure to love this one: 

Enough of the dog world!  Let's Salute the Cats!  So, if you are a cat fan, you love all kinds of cats...domestic and otherwise.  Now given that, Hell Betty and Pawncha Kitties thought it wise to start the salute off with some educational information on a breed of wild cat that was/is known to man but had not been spotted/photographed in a long time.  The cool thing about this jungle cat...it is the same size as your house cat...and just as cute.  Here is the link:

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