Tootsie Roll's Memo Continued...

Loyal Pug Blog Fans,
     Sooooo sorry to have left you hanging for a few days!  The weather in my neck of the woods really warmed up and I spent a lot of time on walks!  But not to worry, I will get you back on track with the humans in charge of TootsUncommon, what roles they play, and if they were lucky enough to be a dog...just what kind of dog they would be.  TootsUncommon LLC is a family owned and operated small business, so it is not surprising that the next two members of our TootsUncommon team - father and son - would also be the same kind of dog - an Alaskan Malamute.

Alaskan Malamute
Treasurer Milt Malamute
In a small corporation, the treasurer will handle daily financial matters, maintain financial records, and prepare and present financial status reports periodically to the board of directors as well as other officers and shareholders.
The Alaskan malamute is powerful, independent, strong-willed and fun-loving. Good qualities for someone who is watching over the cash flow!  It is friendly and sociable toward people, but it may be aggressive toward strange dogs, pets or livestock; and according to Treasurer Milt Malamute most dogs that wear clothes are strange!! Some can be domineering - which helps the TootsUncommon women control their spending. Milt Malamute tends to dig and howl when the books don't balance!!

Alaskan Malamute
Senator Jefe Malamute
Often senators sponsor a bill and see the process from drafting to becoming a law. First the bill is drafted, then a senator introduces it. Then the bill is referred to a committee for review. After the committee has reviewed the bill, it is debated in the Senate, and senators propose amendments. Then the Senate votes on the bill and approved amendments. If the bill passes, it is sent to the House of Representatives. If the House of Representatives passes the bill, it is returned to the Senate. 
The Alaskan malamute is a powerfully built dog of Nordic breed type, developed to haul heavy loads rather than race. It is slightly longer than it is tall. It is heavy-boned and compact, designed for strength and endurance. Its gait is steady, balanced and tireless.  And let's face it...Senator Jefe Malamute doesn't really draft too many laws for TootsUncommon...he is more likely to be drafting a design for a new display board or hauling that display board to the next TootsUncommon event!  Jefe Malamute's idea of great fun is to pull a sled or cart, but he also loves to run and roam. He is family-oriented, and as long as he is given daily exercise, he is well-mannered in the home. Without proper exercise, he can become frustrated and destructive...Luckily the TootsUncommon models keep him plenty busy as he doubles his role in the LLC as lead photographer and general go between!  
Check back tomorrow as my memo continues with some information of the TootsUncommon Secretary! Oh, and here are some links just in case you want to double check my information:

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