Please Welcome Gypsy Coutour

Collars For The Unconventional Dog. Adjustable snap, choker and martingale collars in single and double stitch and a wide array of colors! Prices range from $11 - $22. Post on the blog if you would like us to send you an order form!!  So, way back in October Tootsie Roll was in a costume contest at Canine Cloud Nine and she met up with Gypsy who was wearing an amazing collar.  Tootsie Roll struck up a conversation with Gypsy who was very excited to share all the details of her hand-made collar...by her mama of course.  Well, being the smart-minded fashionista that she is, Tootsie Roll did not think twice about asking Gypsy's mom if she would like to be a guest fashionista for TootsUncommon...and the rest is history.  You can find Gypsy Couture at our Etsy site and of course at www.tootsuncommon.com.  Gypsy and Yootsie Roll agree...they would make great holiday gifts!

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