More Memo From The Desk Of Tootsie Roll...

Not another Shiba Inu!  Isn't someone in this family destined to be the ever-popular pug?  As I mentioned in my memo yesterday, TootsUncommon is a family owned and operated business....So, just as we have a couple of hard workin' Malamutes in the group; we also have two Shiba Inus!  You met President Traci last week and now I would like to introduce you to Secretary Karen (Mom to President Traci):

The Shiba Inu - What's That?!
Secretary Karen
Now as secretary it is Karen's duty to document the goings on of TootsUncommon LLC so she also wanted you to know the following about her breed in order to keep us all well informed:


                      Shiba Inu – What Does It Mean?

The Kanji or Japanese character for ‘dog‘, can be pronounced as ‘Inu‘ or ‘Ken‘.  Therefore, Shiba Inu simply means Shiba dog. Sometimes, you will also hear the Shiba dog being referred to as Shiba Ken.
The exact interpretation of ‘Shiba‘, is less clear. It could mean ‘red shrub‘, for the red bushes that grow in the region, where Shibas come from. Alternatively, it could also mean ‘small‘.
Good to know!  You might also like to know that Secretary Karen and the Shiba Inu breed are accomplished singers.  While Secretary Karen's bark is a bit more refined, the typical Shiba Inu does not bark as much as she screams!  Quite a wide-range of vocal stylings!!
Well, we have a congressman to introduce to you all in tomorrow's memo.  Hasta entonces!

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