And The President Of...

TootsUncommon LLC Is...Yes, Tootsie Roll knows you are all sitting on the couch in front of the "boob tube" awaiting the results of today's election!  Maybe we will know late tonight or sometime early tomorrow morning?!  But what all of our pug blog readers at TootsUncommon will know in the coming days is just who is the President of TootsUncommon LLC??  And the VP?  How about the Secretary of State or Chairman of  the Federal Reserve??  Not to mention just who sits on the Congress and Senate Seats of TootsUncommon LLC??  Well, glad you asked!  We plan to reveal those VIPs soon!  In the meantime, enjoy this online test that will answer an even more important question than "Who is the next President of the USA?"  and that is..."If I were a dog, what breed would I be?"  Have fun and let us know your results!  Check back tomorrow for the Presidential announcement!

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