A Memo From The Desk Of Tootsie Roll Continued...

As I was saying...just in case you think I am making any of this up you can check my sources.  And my sources that relate to the memo as I continue are related to the roles of a Vice President in an organization and 
a Chinese Shar Pei"

-Heading Departments...our VP Pat heads up the fashion design department and as witnessed by all of the amazingly cute doggie apparel and accessories she is the right Chinese Shar Pei for the job.  And by the way, VP Pat The Chinese Shar Pei has an unusual appearance...which keeps her on top of her fashion game - always looking for that unusual design.  VP Pat Shar Pei only needs moderate exercise so she can work diligently on the TootsUncommon designs...a perfect match!

-Reporting to the President Shiba Inu Traci...as VP Pat Shar Pei is very loyal to family and does not bark much... these traits certainly facilitate her Presidential Reports!

-Collaborating and Managing...VP Pat Shar Pei is of a medium-size and sturdy build so she does not over intimidate the TootsUncommon staff with whom she collaborates and manages.  Her calm and confident nature make her a nature leader.  And the fact that she is naturally clean and easy to housebreak does not lead to any unnecessary TootsUncommon LLC public embarrassments!  

Please check my sources:  



And I will pause this memo from the desk of Tootsie Roll with an impressive photo of VP Pat The Chinese Shar Pei!

VP Pat Shar Pei

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