$370 Million!

Yes!  That is what pet owners in the good ole' USA spent on Halloween pet costumes for this Spooktacular season!  Read more at:  


According to this article the most popular pet costume for this Halloween was the Tootsie Roll!  This, of course, comes as no surprise to Tootsie Roll of TootsUncommon!  And although Tootsie Roll enjoys the homemade costumery of TootsUncommon; she does own the 2012 most popular mass produced pet costume.  She is a sucker for all things Tootsie Roll!! 

The Original Tootsie Roll!

Modeling Really Make Me Tired!

Well, Tootsie Roll hopes everyone had a Happy Halloween filled with lots of Tricks and Treats!  Tootsie Roll is a tired pug today and sleepin' off her Halloween Hangover...

But Halloween Makes Me Exhausted! So, Enjoy This Relaxing Video!

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