WWTUD Part 1

As promised last week, TootsUncommon will devote this week of blogs to "Dog Shaming" a la TootsUncommon.  Our first entry is from Lucille the Yellow Labrador Retriever, model for www.tootsuncommon.com.  A little background information on the pic you are about to view...Most Saturdays and Sundays at the TootsUncommon compound begin with a walk up the Monon Trail to BroadRipple Village for a mocha and cafe americano from The Monon Coffee Co. for the humans!  The hu"mom" gets the mocha, of course!  The crew tends to sit at the outdoor area of the Monkey's Tail to sip their coffees and watch the people go by.  So, as soon as the hu"mom" take the lid off the mocha to let it cool, Lucille the Yellow Lab thinks it time for her morning mocha!  "What's the shame in that?", says Lucille!!  Well, here is the proof!

Yeah, I lap the foam off my hu"mom's" mocha!  And I am not ashamed!

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