Halloween "Costumery" A La TootsUncommon

This is a week that will please at the TootsUncommon Pug Blog!  Tootsie Roll and I have been thinking and preparing this one for weeks!  Actually, it is just what we are made for...Halloween "Costumery"!  There is not much Tootsie Roll and I enjoy more than planning a scheme, going out anc shoppin' for that scheme, and then makin' that scheme come to life!  

So with Halloween coming up we could all do the blah and just purchase and over-priced, poorly made dog costume.  We could...but why do that when there is TootsUncommon...uncommonly unique dog apparel and accessories that are creating a cuter continent one canine at a time! 

 Now we are going to keep you hangin' until tomorrow cause we want you to come back and see just what we have been up to...But what you can ponder this evening is the following Halloween "Costumery" a la TootsUncommon...

-Hip"Pug" Chic sporting the "L Pawncho Camarillo"

-Greta Gar"Pug" featuring the "Wrapamacallit"

-Cleo"Pug"tra in the one-and-only "Tut The Tank"

-Countess "Pug"ula of course dressed for a NIGHT out on the town in the         
"Little Black Puplum Dress"

Same "Pug"time, same "Pug"channel tomorrow!  Hasta Entonces!!

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