A Final Fall Break Fantasy

Fall Break Friday will be spent hiking so Tootsie Roll and I will make today our last entry for the week!  And was it a good day or what?!  Tootsie Roll got to spend a little time running around the school hallways - one of her favorite activities!  Luckily most of the day was spent in Fall Break Fantasy Land and not the school hallways!  TootsUncommon will be donating a basket of its dog attire and accessories to the school's foundation dinner and we got that around today.  Small business owners know that you have to spend money to make money; plus the donation can be a tax write-off.  Tootsie Roll and I also spooked up the front yard for Halloween - our favorite of all celebrations!  Here are some pics for your enjoyment!  Check back in next week for some TootsUncommon Tales From the Darkside!!!  

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