"Dog Shaming" is the topic of an E-mail my yoga teacher sent me!  It made me laugh!  Who doesn't love a laugh in the middle of a hectic work day?!  Here is the link:  http://dog-shaming.com/
And two of TootsUncommon's favorites:

May the shame be with you.

Here is a blog that gives some detail about the website:  

So now back to the title of today's blog, "WWTUD?"  You guessed it!! -What Would TootsUncommon Do?
Next week's blog posts will be entries to the Dog Shaming website of the TootsUncommon pack!  Tootsie Roll the Pug, Lucille the Yellow Lab, Hell Betty the Kitty, and Pawncha Kitty!  Yeah!  It's going to make us all laugh!  Can't wait!

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