Pros vs. Cons a la Tootsie Roll

So, while Tootsie Roll and I were watching episodes of Northern Exposure last night we started to contemplate the pros and cons of city life vs. small town life....  Here is Tootsie Roll's dilemma:

City life is great because when my humom goes to the bone shop she also gets a cafe mocha!  What if the small town has no bone shop?!  What would my humom do without her cafe mocha every morning?!

Small town life would probably mean a less stressful job for my humom...which means more us time.  There is nothing I love better than sitting on my humom's lap and looking at fashion magazines!!

City life includes car trips to the bark park and an occasional trip through the drive-thru for a plain hamburger!!  Word on the street is that them small towns don't have bark parks or drive-thru restaurants!  What up with that?!

Small town life just might mean living in the country.  And man, there is nothing I love better than the smell of manure on a field!  Oh!  And what if that field was in my backyard?!  Now that would be some good rollin'!!

Hmmm!  All that contemplating and Tootsie Roll says she needs a nap. Pug blog out until tomorrow!!

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