In Recognition of Labor Day...

which celebrates and recognizes the economic and social contributions of workers, a retail sale day, and the end of summer!  TootsUncommon has been working hard to prepare for all of these Labor Day raisons d'√™tre!  As our blogger fans know we have reduced are Etsy shop prices and and are planning  further reductions.  We also took our ever-popular Firecracker and gave it a Fall/Halloween twist.  Soon to be available on our website and Etsy for a price any hard worker can afford!  

Oh, and a special shout-out to Lucille the "Labradora Extra-Especial".  Today is truly her day...who as a laborer takes her daily task of watching over house and home very seriously.  You work it, girl!!

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  1. She is a hard worker. Working just for treats, pets, and some toy throwing.