Withdrawal symptoms from not viewing the Olympics?

TootsUncommon has the cure!  Puglympics!  Yes, you read it correctly..The 2012 Indianapolis Puglympic Games are here for your blogging pleasure!  First, some stats on just how many of us tuned in to the 2012 London Olympic Games...

According to: 


an average of 35.8 million people tuned into NBC to watch the 2012 London Olympic Games through the first weekend.  This is the most ever since the first Olympic Games were televised in 1960.  FYI...The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games averaged 30.6 million viewers.

If you watched some of the women's track and field events you know that Allyson Felix won gold in the 200m. Yeah!

But the face to watch in the 2012 Indianapolis Puglympics in the Pug and Field events is Tootsie Roll!  Here she is on one of her 200m training runs!

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