Team Tootsie Roll vs. Team Lucille...

in the 50m dog paddle!  It was dog collar to dog collar at the 2012 Indianapolis "Pug"lympics during the 50m Dog Paddle event, but Team Tootsie Roll beat Team Lucille by a hair.  Check out the ES"PUG"N video footage:

ES"PUG"N also caught wind that Team Tootsie Roll was partying in Broad Ripple  after her victory enjoying a Burrito as Big as her Head!  Tootsie Roll just happened to run into some of the Team USA swimmers who were out in Indianapolis checking out the young "Pug"lympic talent!  Here is a link to get the scoop on Ryan Lochte and Tyler Clary:  


But, ironically enough...Team Lucille and Micheal Phelps were no were to be found in Broad Ripple that night???  Maybe Lucille is cutting in on Phelphs' supposed new model girlfriend - Megan Rosee - Lucille is one sexy blonde!  And the plot thickens!!

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