"Pug"minton Anyone?

Yes, Tootsie Roll is also a bit "corn"fused!  She thought today's 2012 Indianapolis "Pug"lympic Event was Pug Mittens so she put on the closest thing she had to a pair of mittens - her stylish, custom-made, buttercup  leg warmers...of course!  Just as some of us might be confused as to the fact that badminton is an Olympic Sport...which the Chinese cleaned up in the medal department during the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Lin Dan of China celebrates winning gold in men's Singles Badminton

Which "corn"fused Tootsie Roll even further...Because according to Pug Folklore, the pug was breed for the sole purpose of sitting on the Chinese Emperor's lap...Now how can the Emperor being sitting down if he is playing badminton or "Pug"minton??  As if things could get any more "corn"fusing...there will be more to blog into tomorrow for those now craving "Pug"lympic Games!!  Ya'll come back now, ya hear!

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