Preparing for Overnight Success!!

Especially for a small business, like TootsUncommon, overnight success could cause some real troubles...as this quote references:

"You'd think that getting discovered by Walmart or Oprah would be every small-business owner's dream come true. Yet, too often, overnight success can quickly become a company's worst nightmare. A small business that lacks the capital, staff or infrastructure to handle a big order or nationwide publicity can promptly get crushed when its product or service becomes a hit."

Read more at: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/72880

Now, I am not saying TootsUncommon wants to be discovered by Walmart...we are not a fan!  And, I am not sure if Oprah has a dog...But it would be awesome if she included The Wrapamacallit, or The Talk Dirty To Me Towel; or even The Fire Cracker in one of her legendary give-aways!  Or, how about this!  TootsUncommon sends a couple of those items to Martha Stewart for her French Bulldogs!  They would look fabulous in The Little Black "Pup"lum Dress!  So, what other ideas might you send our way.  Who or what could help make TootsUncommon the next overnight success?  While we await your responses, Tootsie Roll and I will read the article we have provided in the above link as it includes a "10-step survival guide to help you think fast and react quickly when you wake up one morning to find the world beating a path to your door."

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