Dogs to the Rescue III

Dogs and cats rescue us, so how can we rescue them?  Volunteer, adopt, donate...how about fostering a pet.  Here is a nice checklist to see if you are foster-ready!!

Foster criteria checklist

This checklist can help you determine if fostering is right for you.
  • Do you enjoy working with animals, and are you willing to spend time training dogs, or socializing cats?
  • Can you arrange to have your foster animals available for adoption fairs?
  • Are you okay with a cat or dog you may have grown very fond being available for adoption? (Fosters can be adopters too, of course!)
  • Do you have a secure environment for the type of animal you'd foster? Small kittens can get under some doors, and some dogs can jump or dig under fences.
  • Are you willing to have potential adopters meet the foster animal in your home, so they can see how the animal behaves in a home setting?
  • Do you have lots of love and patience for an animal adjusting to a new environment?
If you answered yes to these questions, you're the person we need to help keep these animals out of shelters and get them into permanent homes.

Also check out:  www.fosterdogs.com

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