An Overnight Success!!??

After putting out your first blog post you keep checking back for followers and responses...and there is nothing for days. 

You go live on Etsy.com and keep checking your store for that first purchase...and you are still waiting.

You publish the website and stock up on envelopes so you will be ready to send out that first item...and the envelopes are still stacked and waiting.

You pay to be a vendor at event after event...hoping for that perfect connection...and you sign up for another event...because you know it's out there!!!!

Tootsuncommon was not expecting an overnight success.  We will be persistent in our drive for the creation of a cuter continent one canine at a time.  After all, it takes just one!

Our blog posts this week will focus on the theme of an overnight success and we will wrap up the week with some Amazon.com book recommendations.  

This link gave us some good perspective: 

Tootsie Roll and I particularly like this quote from the article because we own two Dyson Animals and LOVE to vacuum!  "James Dyson failed in 5,126 prototypes before perfecting his revolutionary vacuum cleaner."  We are so glad you were persistent, Mr. James Dyson!

So, as you read the pug blog this week feel free to throw any recommendations our way that will either remind us that slow and steady wins the race; or your ideas on how TootsUncommon could become that "Overnight Success".

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  1. Keep on trying and keep your chin up. There are so many stories of successful people and companies that have failed on numerous first attempts only to become the industry leader once their item "hit". I'm behind you 100%.