The Tale of Two Kitties..

Or should it be tail?! Which came first? Betty Kitty or Pawncha Kitty? Betty Kitty came first by about a year and a half! Betty is an ARPO Kitty who Tootsie Roll's humans spied at the. Local farmers' market. Betty was a super duper itty bitty kitty with really big ears- too cute! She is an asymmetrical furred kitty in a symmetrical world of two humans, two dogs, and two kitties! Betty Kitty loves the great out-of-doors and will choose it over a cush kitty curler almost anytime! Warm weather and Betty Kitty = lots of slain mice in the backyard! Cool weather and Betty Kitty = one grouchy kitty sitting at the backdoor window looking out longingly!

Pawncha Kitty was a baby kitty Holiday gift from the Humane Society for the hu"mom"! And she is a mama's kitty!

She follows the hu"mom" around the house after she has been away from home at work! She snuggles her and Tootsie Roll in bed many a night, and she enjoys a dollop of the hu"mom's" yogurt every morning! When Betty Kitty stays inside for a bit, she and Betty put on an amazing fight club! Otherwise, her freetime is spent chattering with the birdies eating seed outside of her kitty curler window!

Tootsir Roll hopes you enjoy a little insight into the lives of the Tosuncommon Kitties, and also can't wait to share tomorrow's, "Tales from the Tootsie Side!

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