Tales From the Tootsie Side...

will be the focus of this week's blog posts! They won't be dark and spooky like the original, "Tales from the Darkside"; they will be a bit goofy and silly...as any tale from a pug's perspective might be! So, here we go! Today's tale is titled, "How the Pug Got a Curly Tail".

We pugs got tired of the two legged species steppin' on our tails so we curled them up! Or, how about those kitties always makin' fair game of our tail to swat at...oh no you didn't! Dairy Queen curly-Q cones and cinammon buns! Yum!! Pugs love food so we wanted to imitate some of our favorites with our curly tails! Pushed in nose...scrunched up tail...DUH! A twitchin' tail is cuter and less work than a long waggin' tail! Well, I could go on...but you bloggers might enjoy either coming up with a few of your own or searcing "pugtails" on Google! You won't believe what you will find!!

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