Love at First Sight!

Before TootsUncommon there was Tootsie Roll, since late August of 2008 to be more precise! The humans decided to make a trip to a pug breeder in Bedford, IN just to check out some pugs to see if we would be a good match. I thought I understood the breeder to say that she did not have any puppies currently, but some would soon be available. So we had no intentions of bringing home a pug puppy, let alone a Tootsie Roll that Sunday afternoon in late August! Well, thank goodness we made that trip because it was love at first sight and has been love ever since! Tootsie Roll celebrates her 4th birthday this July, 11, 2012 so this week of blogs will be dedicated to a Happy Birthday, Tootsie Roll!! Here are some from the beginning pics so everyone can see just why it was love at first sight!!

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