In case you have been wondering....

about Frank the Pug in MIB3 Tootsie Roll has the scoop...yeah, she knows it is a little late as the movie premiered late May...but give the pug a break!  She has been busy with her TootsUncommon business.  So, here is the low-down:

Frank did not appear in person in the threequel, but can be seen in a picture in Jay's room as well as on a Coney Island billboard as "The Incredible Talking Dog". Barry Sonnenfeld has revealed Frank was excluded so they do not continually rely on the same characters and that the Coney Island talking dog, is in fact the "secret backstory" of Frank.  Frank the pug is featured on the cover art for MIB: Alien Crisis as well as the main story, and appears in the Men in Black III App game as Agent F and serves as the player's partner.

Here is a link to the scene in the original movie where Jay meets Frank the Pug!  Enjoy!!

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