"FreshHome" Orientation

So, Tootsie Roll's huMOM is gearing up for freshmen orientation at the high school she teaches at this week!  It seemed logical that TootsUncommon follow that same theme.  Orienting a freshman to a big, new high school seems to be a lot like orienting a pet to a new home - either tends to demonstrate some destructive and forgetful behavior - those of you with pets or who teach or have teens know what I mean!  Here is a quote from an online article we read, "The stress of moving to a new home often makes dogs and cats destructive and forgetful of their house-training. Pets frequently react to the stress with crankiness, chewing, stealing, refusing to eat or forgetting they're housebroken."  
Read more at:  http://articles.philly.com/1991-03-31/news/25789824_1_litter-cat-sponge and enjoy!  We will be back with more information on all types of orientations once the huMOM returns from camp!  

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