Our business name has been TootsUncommon.com since the start!  But not until a week ago did we actually have the website completed!  It is now ready to view!  Tootsie Roll met with different website designers to compare prices - they were all out of our budget unfortunately as we are just a small business hoping to grow.  So, we rolled up our sleeves and did it ourselves!  It was not too difficult and we saved a lot of dinero!  Also, with our ETSY shop we were able to save even more because we direct our customers visiting the TootsUncommon website to ETSY to make a purchase...foregoing the need to provide E-commerce at the website which also comes with a fee!  So, if you are a small business and looking to get a web presence, don't be afraid of going it alone...or almost alone, as you will need a web service provider.  TootsUncommon went with web.com and we have been very pleased!  We are also using some of their marketing services to help make TootsUncommon a bigger presence on Google, Yahoo, etc....!!!  So, check out the website, let us know what you think, and maybe even make a purchase!!

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