Outward Hound Pet Life Jacket

Tootsie Roll spent the weekend swimming at the lake to celebrate Father's Day and did it in style in her Outward Hound Pink Hawaiian Print Pet Life Jacket!!  What does Tootsie love about her Outward Hound life jacket?  Well...it has an excellent, heavy duty handle at the top for easy lift out of the water.  The Velcro straps are also heavy duty and in all of the right places.  There is a a flap connected to the collar portion of the life jacket; perfect for resting Tootsie Roll's sweet pug face!  Check out the Outward Hound life jackets at this amazon link, and if you buy one...let us know what you think!!


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    Dogs are excellent swimmers when they have full use of their bodies. Injuries or tangled life jacket straps can make it much for difficult for a dog to negotiate open water. The wake from other boats and choppy conditions can make your dog difficult to spot, too, so make sure his life vest is brightly colored and highly visible. Dogs plus water equals fun--if you look after their safety first.