Compassion vs. Greed

TootsUncommon did not watch the HBO airing of  "One Nation Under Dog" last night; but we have been reading up on it.  One stated purpose of the documentary is to help us - Americans - rethink how we treat our dogs.  And I would agree...If as a country we are abandoning over one million dogs and euthanizing over four million dogs a year there is a problem with supply versus demand; and both sides of this problem obviously need some intervention.  But maybe instead of government intervening we, as humane humans, wanting to be dog owners  - the demand side of the problem - need to be truly compassionate and make sound decisions when considering pet ownership.  Those supplying the dogs also need to be humane humans - compassionate - and supply dogs for the right reasons, make sound decisions and set greed aside.  Now that the "dirty little secret is out" it is up to us - the humans - to make it right.  I cannot speak for dogs, but if I could I bet they would be asking, "Can we count on you?"  


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