Small Business and Community Involvement

Here’s 10 other tips and ways to get involved in marketing your small business to your community …
  1. Join your local Chamber of Commerce and attend networking events. Don’t have one? Create a local networking group!
  2. Sponsor a local festival or event and volunteer to work or chair a committee.
  3. Sponsor a local youth sports team or league.
  4. Join at least one civic or social organization.
  5. Participate or volunteer for a local Junior Achievement program.
  6. Purchase or volunteer for a segment of an “Adopt a Road” program or with a community beautification group.
  7. Underwrite or support local arts or cultural activities.
  8. Sponsor a team, or start your own, in a local road race.
  9. Get in the local parade with a float or other entry and throw really, really good candy to the crowds (if permitted).
  10. Offer in-kind services to charities, programs, etc. that capitalize on your skills, talents or business areas.
TootsUncommon is looking forward to starting its involvement this weekend.  To read the full article check out the following link:


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