It's Summertime!

It may not be the official 1st day of summer, but with Memorial Day behind us our thoughts are sure turning to sunny summer days! TootsUncommon will dedicate this week of Pug Blogs to some creative ways to enjoy the upcoming sunny summer days with our pets! We all know the precautions to take with our four-legged friends when the temperatures rise so we will make our first recommendation for summer fun with our pets a book titled, "97 Ways to Make Your Dog Smile", as most of these fun thing can be done inside. Tootsie Roll was wondering though..."Why isn't dressing your dog in TootsUncommon apparel listed as the #1 thing to do to make your dog smile?". Check out some excerpts from the book and let us know what you might add to round the list of 97 up to 100!

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