Why dogs love to walk!

-They LOVE to sniff, sniff, and sniff some more! -They NEED to exercise; although all the stop and go sniffing makes it hard for the human walker to get any cardio out of the walk! -They get to socialize with other dogs and humans out walking; which can also lead to some good training opportunities. Who really appreciates the dog who barks or pulls while trying to socialize?! -They become more aware of their physical surroundings and the things those surroundings have; making them more well adjusted! -They WANT that time with the pack! We walk our dogs everyday! Rain or shine...hot or cold- of course taking into consideration weather extremes. I know this will not sit well with everyone...but I am curious why now that Spring has Sprung why we see sooo many other folks out walking their dogs? Would we not all agree that they are deserving of walks ALL the time?!

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