We all know what a cummerbund is, right?  But did you know that...
The word Cummerband which entered English vocabulary in 1616 via Afghanistan and the use of cummerbands by tribal warriors and later adopted by the languages of the Indian subcontinent such as Hindi and Urdu, is originally a Persian genitive phrase (Persian: کمربند‎) comprising kamar (waist) + band (band).[2]
The word cummerband, and less commonly the German spelling kummerbund (a phonetic translation of the English word), are often used synonymously with cummerbund in English. Today, the word kamarband in Persian simply refers to anything which is or works like a typical clothing belt.

But how about the ruff?  This Velazquez painting should remind you!

That's right!  The ruff, which was worn by men, women and children, evolved from the small fabric ruffle at the drawstring neck of the shirt or chemise. They served as changeable pieces of cloth that could themselves be laundered separately while keeping the wearer's doublet from becoming soiled at the neckline.

And of course the corset!  Did you know...Since the late 1980s, the corset has experienced periodic revivals, which have usually originated in haute couture and which have occasionally trickled through to mainstream fashion. These revivals focus on the corset as an item of outerwear rather than underwear. The strongest of these revivals was seen in the Autumn 2001 fashion collections and coincided with the release of the film Moulin Rouge!, the costumes for which featured many corsets as characteristic of the era. Another fashion movement which has renewed interest in the corset is the Steampunk culture, which utilizes late-Victorian fashion shapes in new ways.

So how do these items translate into dog fashion?  We are glad you asked.  Here is the first seasonal item from TootsUncommon!  The Firecracker!  Available early summer for every haute dog's Independence Day backyard barbeque!!  FYI...this is the prototype.  The real creations will sport red, white, blue, stars, and stripes!

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