Drat That Cat!

Or, "It's like herding cats!". Although I have never herded cats, cows, horses or sheep; I'm sure cats are the hardest to herd! At TootsUncommon's premier photo-shoot this past Saturday Pawncha Kittie was having a ball with the backdrop sheet. We would get Tootsie Roll or Lucille perfectly positioned and Pawncha would attemp to break through the backside of the sheet like a basketball player breaking through the cheerleaders' sign at the start of a big game. Their tails would wag and Pawncha would bat at them through the sheet! "Pawncha, back off!" we would yell! Ha! What good that did. "What are we going to do with her? We will never get this done!". Our house is a tiny bungalow, and to create the perception of space we have removed all but one of the interior doors. You guessed it! The remaining door is to the bathroom! So in went Pawncha Kittie and on we went with the photo-shoot. "How much toilet paper do we have left? She is going to destroy the rolls!". "Not sure, but I'm not opening that door!". A successful photo-shoots ends and I crack the bathroom door. Not to find Pawncha wadded up in toilet paper; but rather curled up asleep on the rug! Maybe herding cats wouldn't be such a hard job!

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