And the saga continues...

Drat that Betty Kitty! A couple years back my sister got me a really cool necklace for my birthday. I brought it home and put it where I put that kind of stuff- remember we have a super tiny bungalow with only one interior door?! Well, we only have one closet- there is a door on this one closet...but it ain't no room! The second closet, in our now bedroom had previously been converted to a media storage unit. The once media storage unit is now a shelving unit with baskets full of towels, Tootsie Roll's clothes and my small jewlery collection. So once this super cute necklace was promptly placed in its rightful place, Betty Kitty took it upon herself to snatch it up and make it mysteriously disappear; like cats do with about every toy or stolen item their paws touch. If you are a cat owner, you know what I am talking about! Now the story turns to Pawncha Kitty! Just the other day I am walking down the landing to our basement steps, and what do I spy?! You guessed it! Years later, the super cute necklace my sister gave me for my birthday! I wore it out to dinner that nighr!

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