We did it!  What a sewtastic weekend!  TootsUncommon now has some inventory of it uncommonly unique dog apparel and accessories and is ready to really go public!!  It took a lot of preparation, but as the sew-a-thon got rolling on Saturday morning we all knew it was going to be a success!  Tootsie Roll was of course on site, along with Lucille, their beagle buddie - Gracie, and their dachshund - buddie - Ginger.  Our head designer - Pat - brought the Little Black Puplum Dress to life!  Head seamstress - Nikki - cranked out the Talk Dirty To Me Towels; with the help of Karen the Kutter - kan she kut or whut?!  Miss Yodi helped with some general "poopervision".  And cameraman - Vince - got a commercial filmed with President Traci.  What a day!  Here is a pic of hot dog model - Gingerific - in the L. Camarillo Pawncho!  Look for it at etsy.com this weekend!!

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