We are back!

And it was SUPER! TootsUncommon spent last week volunteering for Super Bowl XLVI! Thanks to ATK we were monitors on the audio crew. Meaning what exactly? Meaning we ran a large cable out to the stage which powered the pre, half time & post-game shows! It was truly amazing to be a part of Indianapolis & Super Bowl history! It was really fun to share the TootsUncommon story with other volunteers and to hear their tales. Even more SUPER was, and is, Madonna and her incredible Vogue fashion! And the Egyptian theme to her stunning entrance! Did she notice the play on words with TootsUncommon and King Tut? Will Madonna be a fan of the TootsUncommon Egyptian line? We sure hope so! So, this week we will share some details of the Egyptian line, post some Super Bowl pics, and get back to our blog contest and its details! Yeah!

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