Here she is...

Miss America 2012!  She is single and has a shih tzu/maltese!  I am pretty sure her "baby" needs an item from TootsUncommon.  How about the Costa del Sol Dress?

Well, probably not because Miss America's shih tzu/maltese is a he.  But Tootsie Roll sure looks cute in the Costa del Sol Dress!!  Maybe our readers can let us know what kind of doggie apparel Miss Wisconsin's shih tzu/maltese would like to wear as they travel the country!  Here is number five of a top five list of things we should know about our recently crowned Miss America:

5. She's a 'Mom'No, she doesn't have any biological (or human) children, but she's the proud mother of a 1½-year-old Shih Tzu Maltese named Smokey.

"He's spoiled and he's the love of my life," she admits.

And here is a link to check out to rest numbers one-four! 


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