Fashion has gone to the birds!

Not if TootsUncommon has anything to do with it.  According to Elle's article titled, "Top Ten Trends From Fashion Week Spring 2012"  The animal print for the upcoming fashion season is the bird! 
The Animal: Birds
Designers used hummingbirds, swans, and pheasants in their bold creations this season—from abstract, graceful lines to three-dimensional birds perched on the chest and shoulders.

A local newspaper quotes Tootsie Roll as saying, "Birds?  I'm not designing clothes for cats...well not yet anyway!  And if I were they would not look like the crazy design by Manish Arora.  Who wants to wear a metal corset with "live" birds perched on it...are you kidding me!?"

So TootsUncommon is hard at work thinking about what spin to put on this.  The logical solution is not animal, mineral or vegetable...It's the postman.  Of course, we will feature the postman in our bold human print creations this seasons!  Bet you can't wait to see him!!

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