Tootsie Roll The Little Puggie Continued...

"A clothes bargain?" shouts Betty!  "Yeah, in that store window!" replies Tootsie Roll the Little Puggie.  "It's so me!" howls Lucille as she runs out of the store with the sun dress hangin' out her mouth!  Over the trail bridge, down the park hill, up the allies and through the front yards.  All the sudden the three buddies stop dead in their tracks!  "Look at the quality of this sun dress!"  says Lucille.  "Seriously, this fabric is cheap" chimes in Betty!  "Yeah, this ain't no bargain, we can whip up a sun dress way fancier than this one" comments Tootsie Roll the Little Puggie.  And on their way back over the trail bridge they notice a sign in the store window that reads, "Don't ever steal sun dresses!" 

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