Tootsie Roll The Little Puggie Continued...

Lucille, Betty and Tootsie Roll the Little Puggie walked up to the basket of crispy french fries and the human getting ready to munch them down.  Betty jumped up on the tabled and meowed to get his attention and he turned to give her a pet!  Tootsie Roll the Little Puggie put her paws up on his legs for another pet and Lucille; well Lucille put her big legs up on the table, grabbed the basket of french fries and off the three buddies scurried! Over the trail bridge, down the park hill, up the allies and through the front yards.  They shared the yummy french fries and curled up for a nap!

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  1. That is nice that they all got to eat the fries. It is nice that Lucille was happy to pull the fries down from the table for her friends. Nice!