Not Your Mummy's Vintage Rags!

If you are looking for chic doggie fashions that incorporate vintage and recycled clothing you will want to shop the "Not Your Mummy's Vintage Rags" line from TootsUncommon!  If you are lookin' to recycle some "vintage" holiday cards or wrapping paper to use this season check out this link:  http://www.hgtv.com/handmade/recycled-paper-cards/index.html

Tootsie Roll recommends using a cut out of a pug to really spice it up!  How about using the same idea in the link to decorate and reuse gift bags!  Or you could even use cutouts to decorate plain gifts boxes and tie them up with a fancy ribbon - forget the wrapping paper.  The receiver of the gift could even reuse the box!  The reduce, reuse, recycle opportunities are endless!  Tootsie Roll has some creative work to do.  Pug blog out!

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