What am I...

chopped liver?!  Yum!!

So, what role did the kitty kat play in ancient Egypt?  Well, if her name was Hell Betty, she would have been a Queen!  The cat-human relationship dates back to ancient times. The Muslim prophet Mohammed is said to have found a cat sleeping on his robe, so he cut a hole in his robe rather than disturb the sleeping cat.  "Wait a minute," says Tootsie Roll, "there is now way you are cutting a hole in any of my cute clothes!"  "Clothes," says Betty.  "I way prefer sleeping on the warm computer!"  The first feline Egyptian goddess might be Mafdet, depicted in the Pyramid texts as killing a snake with her claws. Mafdet might be translated as "runner" in Egyptian.  "Yeah, but they never saw the looks of a beautiful pug mug, or I would have been the one and only Egyptian goddess!"  "Tootsie Roll, go back to modeling your clothes and leave the runnin' and huntin' to to the kitties!"  "Dinner time!"  That will end this silly argument.  Pug blog out!

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