Tutankhamen vs. Tootsie Roll

Tutankhamen's tomb yielded many pieces of clothing: tunics, shirts, kilts, aprons and sashes, socks, head-dresses, caps, scarves, gauntlets and gloves.  On the other hand, Tootsie Roll's closet yields sun dresses, sporty vests, vintage jackets and funky ponchos!  As a matter of fact, TootsUncommon was busy cutting out some of those funky ponchos today!  What do you think?  Soon to be available at a local pooch store near you!!

1 comment:

  1. Irie is more of a laid back Jamaican than a fashionista like Toots but she sure does like her style!! Unfortunately Irie has about 50 lbs on Tootsie Roll so let us know when you start making some for the big girls ;)