A day in the life of....

Betty!  Well, Betty has gotten back to her life.  And the same with Tootsie Roll and Lucille because their Husky buddy Miles is on the mend!  Miles has been home and has actually gone back for hip replacement surgery!  Yeah, we will be running in the Bark Park before you know it!  So anyway, how about Betty the Kitty?!  If Betty is not outside chasing bugs, birds and bunnies, then she is sleeping on a pillow, in a basket, in the basement.  Not too exciting you say!  Betty would disagree.  Now what is not so exciting is when Lucille decides to put Betty's skinny kitty neck in her big yellow lab mouth - just for fun!  "Not!", says Betty the Kitty!  Gotta go!  Betty meowing at the back door to get out!  Yeah Betty Kitty, you're gonna spend the night, outside!!

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